When a lightning flash occurs, it produces copious amounts of radio frequency radiation.  Once recorded, this radiation can be imaged, allowing the structure of lightning flashes to be mapped out.  I am researching how to make systems such as this more effected.  Contained on this page is some information relating to this pursuit.  

If you're new to the field of lightning, or unfamiliar with interferometry, a good place to start is the videos section of the nav bar on the right.  These videos were made using a 3 broadband VHF interferometer.  The interferometric techniques allow lightning channels to be located with very good accuracy, approaching the type of resolution seen in photography.  And because clouds are transparent to radio frequencies, these videos show the activity of the entire lightning flash.  At the time the measurements were taken (2012-2014), these videos were some of the most complete descriptions of the development of lightning flashes.