Michael Stock

Osaka University



Ph.D Physics, New Mexico Tech, 2014
M.S. Physics, New Mexico Tech, 2009
B.S. Physics, New Mexico Tech, 2004
B.S. Physics, New Mexico Tech, 2004




Broadband Interferometry of Lightning
Doctoral Thesis -- 2014 (pdf)

Diffusion of Magnetic and Electric Fields into a Conducting Medium
Master's Thesis -- 2009 (pdf)



On the Relationship between Continuing Current and Positive Leader Growth
J. Lapierre, R. Sonnenfeld, H. Edens, M. Stock
Journal of Geophysical Research – 2014

Location and Analysis of Acoustic Infrasound Pulses in Lightning
R. Arechiga, M. Stock, R. Thomas, H. Erivas, W. Rison, H. Edens, J. Lapierre
Geophysical Research Letters –  2014

Data Processing Procedure using Distribution of Slopes of Phase Differences for Broadband VHF Interferometry
M. Akita, M. Stock, Z. Kawasaki, P. Krehbiel, W. Rison, M. Stanley
Journal of Geophysical Research  – 2014

Continuous Broadband Digital Interferometry of Lightning using a Generalized Cross Correlation Algorithm
M. Stock, M. Akita, P. Krehbiel, W. Rison, H. Edens, Z. Kawasaki, M. Stanley
Journal of Geophysical Research  2014

Katrina and Rita were lit up with lightning
Shao, X.-M., J. Harlin, M. Stock, M. Stanley, A. Regan, K. Wiens, T. Hamlin, M. Pongratz, D. Suszcynsky, and T. Light
Eos Trans. AGU – 2005

A link between terrestrial gamma-ray flashes and intracloud lightning discharges
Stanley, M. A., X.-M. Shao, D. M. Smith, L. I. Lopez, M. B. Pongratz, J. D. Harlin, M. Stock
Geophysical Research Letters – 2006

Proceedings of Note

Invited: Broadband Interferometry of Lightning
Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Chine – October 2014

Multiple Baseline Interferometry
ICLP, Shanghai China  October 2014 (pdf)

Invited: Lightning
LWA Users Group, Albuquerque NM – July 2014 

Invited: Lightning Interferometry
NRAO Synthesis Imaging Workshop, Socorro NM – January 2014