Banpaku Kinen Koen

Banpaku Kinen Koen (Expo 70 commemorative park) is one of our favorite parks.  Everytime we visit, there's something new to see.  It's within walking distance of our house here in Japan, so we visit frequently.  

The photos are in approximately chronological order, so the seasons change as you go through the album.  

Shrines and Temples of Japan

An ongoing project.  Limited to one picture from each shrine or temple.  But, there are a lot of them in Japan.

Daily Photos

Photos of normal daily life, where ever we happen to be.  Photos are in chronological order, but sometimes one wanders out of place.  

Miranda Assignments



I started participating in the Fred Miranda forum assignments.  This is a competition which is run weekly and monthly.  For each assignment, there is a theme, which is usually rather vague.  You have 1 week or 1 month to take and process a photo for the assignment; only photos taken within the assignment period are accepted.  Then the forum members vote for a winner of the assignment, although there is no prize if you win.  

For me, the goal is to get me out taking photos with intent.  Instead of just photographing whatever I see, I have some plan in my head about what I'm going to photograph to fit the current theme.  The plan doesn't always work out, though.  

So, this is an archive of the photos I submitted to the assignments, along with the topic and how well they did.  These are the photos exactly as they were submitted.  Part of the requirements of the competition is that photos are exactly 800 pixels in their widest dimension, so none of these are particularly detailed.